Day Forty-seven

An Dogensves Dedh ha Seyth
De Sadorn ew, an seytegves dedh a vis Whevrel. An gewer o da lowr rag gonis e’n lôwarth. Thera odhom dhe nei a worra emann styckednow moy rag gwitha an kei dhort scappya e’n coos.Drog ew ev. Ev a wrüg chassya an gath e’n coos. An gath ell crambla gwedh ha moas dhe omgüdha en neb bush - bes an kei eth dreysys e’n dreys.E veu res dhebm y sawya – ha cravys o vy gen dreyn ha spern.
It’s Saturday, the seventeenth day of February. The weather was good enough for working in the garden. We needed to put up some extra fencing for preventing the dog escaping into the wood. It is naughty. It chased the cat into the wood. The cat can climb trees and hide itself in some bush - but the dog became tangled in the brambles. I had to rescue it – and was scratched by prickles and thorns.

Day Forty-six

An Dogensves Dedh ha Whegh
De Gwener ew, whetegves mis Whevrel. Bledhen Nowyth Lôwen! Rag fra? Bledhen Nowyth Cheny ew. Ha thew hei Bledhen an Kei. It’s Friday,16th February. Happy New Year! Why? It’s the Chinese New Year. And it’s the Year of the Dog.

Day Forty-five

An Dogensves Dedh ha Pemp

Thew an jedh ma de Yow, pemdhegves mis Whevrel. Pe eur ew? Hanter nos po nebes ha skith o vy. Me a wrüg gwitha war dhew flogh wydn hedhyw (keffres ha dew gei, diw gath ha dew conin). Moy es skith o vy, tho vy spenys! Nag eus nerth lowr dhebm dhe scrifa lies ger. This day is Thursday, 15th February. What time is it? Just before midnight and I am tired. I have looked after two grandchildren today (as well as two dogs, two cats and two rabbits). I am more than tired, I am exhausted! I do not have enough energy to write many words.

Day Forty-four

An Dogensves Dedh ha Pajer
De Merher ew, an pajerdegves dedh a vis Whevrel. Dedh arbednek ew rag dew reson. Kensa reson? Eus cüfcolon dhe whei? Whei ell danon (danven) carten po perna ro, martesen flourys. Rag fra? Drefen boas Gool Valentin. Sen Valentin a Rôm ew tasek caroryon. Tho ev pronter en tempel. Ev a veu mertheryes (dibednys) en tryja cansvledhen rag gweres dhe gopplow Cristyon dhe dhemedhy. Keniver bledhen thew Gool Valentin an pajerdegves dedh a vis Whevrel. It’s Wednesday, the 14th day of February. It’s a special day for two reasons. First reason? Do you have a sweetheart? You can send a card or buy a present, perhaps flowers. Why? Because it’s Valentine’s Day. Saint Valentine of Rome is the patron saint of lovers. He was a priest in a temple. He was martyred (beheaded) in the third century for helping Christian couples to marry. Every year Valentine’s Day is on the 14th day of February. Nessa reson: hedhyw thew an kensa dedh a Corawys. Creies ew hebma de Merher Lüjiw. Second…

Day Forty-three

An Dogensves Dedh ha Trei
De Meurth, terdhegves mis Whevrel. Compes o an dhargan. Thera glaw lowr e’n nos – ev a wras lidn a-ves dh’agan daras rag. E vedh odhom dhen a voas mes dreth an daras adenewen (tû) po an daras deler. Tuesday, 13th February. The forecast was right. There was plenty of rain in the night - it has made a lake outside our front door. We’ll need to go out through the side door or the back door.
De Meurth specyal ew hedhyw; de Meurth Enes (Enys). Dedh ew dhe wül crampeth. Ma neb powyow o senjy gool, “Mardi Gras”, de Meurth blonejek (de Meurth sô). Avorow a vedh an kensa dedh en Corawys. Hengovek ew dhe sevel ort debry en Corawys, rag hedna debrys o oll an boos blonejek (sô) ha rych (blonek, oyow, bleus, leth, con, h.e.) an diwettha dedh ken Corawys. Ena an düs a brederas adro dhe’n peghasow anjei (adro dh’aga feghasow), parys rag confessyon an nessa dedh. It’s a special Tuesday today, Shrove Tuesday. It’s a day to make pancakes. Some countries hold a carnival, “Mardi Gra…

Day Forty-two

An Dogensves Dedh ha Dew
De Lün ew arta, an dhewdhegves dedh a vis Whevrel. Cabm o an dhargan. Nag era glaw bys e’n dohajedh diwedhes, rag hedna me a spenas an jedh o (en üdn) composa an crow. Yeyn o hei bes howlek. Lebmyn, skith o vy. Nos da. It is Monday again, the 12th day of February. The forecast was wrong. There was no rain until late in the afternoon, so I spent the day sorting out the shed. It was cold but sunny. Now I’m tired. Good night.

Day Forty-one

An Dogensves (Dew ügensves) Dedh hag Onan
De Sül, üdnegves mis Whevrel. Thera gwens crev ha yeyn dhen hedhyw, ha thera howl spladn ewedh. O lien golhys a wrüg seha war an linen. Bettegens herwydh towl an gewer nei ell gwaytyas glaw po keser moy avorow ha trenja. Saturday, 11th February. We had a strong cold wind today, and there was bright sun as well. My washed linen dried on the line. However according to the weather forecast we can expect more rain or hail tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Nag ew an dhargan lôwenek, saw nei ell boas lôwenek. Solabres ma lily Corawys en keow ha ma lies lôst ôn war golednow. Ma gwelys genam nebes brially ewedh. The forecast is not cheerful, but we can be cheerful. Already there are daffodils in hedges and there are many catkins on hazel trees. I have seen a few primroses as well.
Na wrüga vy gweles an mor hedhyw, etho na örama y liw, bes me a’n glowas. Thera vy clowes tros an mor lebmyn en pelder. Me ör (Wörama) drew ev garow ha, dres lycklod, thew mo…