Day Hundred and Thirty-nine

An Cansves Dedh Nawnjek warn Ügens
De Sül, ügensves mis Me. An jedh hedhyw ew Pencost. Ma va seyth de Sül òja Du Pask, henn ew hanter cans dedh warbarth gen Pask. Ma Pencost o menya an degves dedh ha dogans (warlergh an tavas Grekyan). Sunday, 20th May. The day today is Pentecost. It is seven Sundays after Easter Day, that is fifty days together with Easter. Pentecost means the fiftieth day (according to the Greek language).

Day Hundred and Thirty-eight

An Cansves Dedh Etek warn Ügens
De Sadorn ew, an nawnjegves dedh a vis Me. Pana jorna teg! An howl a spladnas mettin, hanter dedh, dohajedh ha gordhûher ha nag era commel na niwl veth. Prins a veu demedhys, o gour a drohas an glesin gans y jynn-mejy ha me a wrüg golhy ledn e’n jynn-golhy. Re dòbm o raga vy dhe obery e’n lowarth. An ledn a sehas pur üskis war an linen. Me a welas an loor e’n eborn blou; gwarek (crobmen) ew lebmyn. Ma hei o cressya. Thera loor nowydh an pemdhegves Mis Me, an kensa qwarter a vedh an nessa warn ügens hag e vedh loor leun an nawhes warn ügens. It’s Saturday, the 19th day of May. What a beautiful day! The sun shone morning, noon, afternoon and evening. A prince was married, my husband cut the lawn with his mower and I washed a blanket in the washing machine. It was too hot for me to work in the garden. The blanket dried very quickly on the line. I saw the moon in the blue sky; it’s a crescent now. It is waxing. There was a new moon on 15th May, the first quar…

Day Hundred and Thirty-seven

De Gwener ew, an etegves dedh a vis Me. Dedh truedhek ew raga vy. Nanj ew trei bledhen warn ügens o dama veurgerys vy a verwas. Thera diw vergh wydn ha dew vab wydn dhedhy, saw na wrüg hei besca (byscath) gweles o flehes wydn vy (teyr mergh wydn ha pemp mab wydn). Me a welas an mab wydn o mergh vy degensete. Baby münys ew ev. Ma dhe’n baby modrep whegh bloodh coth hag ownter bes pajer bloodh coth. Me o honan, me a veu genys bes whegh bledhen kens o noyth. Üdn dhama goth hag üdn dhama yonk. Thew o noyth pecar’a hôr dhebm hag o hôr o pecar’a second mabm. Pana sowdhan!
It’s Friday, the 18th day of May. It’s a sad day for me. Twenty-three years ago my beloved mother died. She had two granddaughters and two grandsons, but she never saw my grandchildren (three granddaughters and five grandsons). I saw my daughter’s grandson the day before yesterday. He’s a tiny baby. The baby has a six-year-old aunty and an uncle only four years old. Myself, I was born only six years before my niece One old …

Day Hundred and Thirty-six

An Cansves Dedh Whetek warn Ügens
De Yow, seytegves mis Me. Skith o vy! Me a wra scrifa moy avorow. Lebmyn ma odhom dhebm a còsk. Thursday, 17th May. I’m tired! I’ll write more tomorrow. Now I need sleep.

Day Hundred and Thirty-five

An Cansves Dedh Pemdhek warn Ügens
De Merher, whetegves mis Me. Discüdhys ew genam cowl ibuprofen, etho nebes gwell ew o gwewen – le tydn ew hei. Me ell kerdhes gen gwelen. Nag üjy hedna (owth) assoylya o problem aral. Nag üjy va (owth) owna o argrafer. Coth ew an jynn, pur goth. Na ellama trouvya an keth patron na moy. Ma odhom dhebm a berna argrafer nowydh. Soweth! Ma dhebm enk (ynk) lowr whath. Hebma a vedh towlys dhe goll. Wednesday, 16th May. I have discovered ibuprofen gel, so my heel is a bit better – it is less painful. I can walk with a stick. That doesn’t solve my other problem. It does not mend my printer. The machine is old, very old. I can’t find the same model any more. I need to buy a new printer. What a pity! I still have plenty of ink. This will be wasted (thrown to loss).

Day Hundred and Thirty-four

An Cansves Dedh Peswardhek warn Ügens
De Meurth, pemdhegves mis Me. Crowsek o vy! An argrafer vy a wrüg fyllel. Ma cuntellyans avorow ha ma odhom dhebm a argrafa o derivas. Saw, cothmans dhe’n sawder. Tuesday, 15th May. I’m cross! My printer has gone wrong. I have a meeting tomorrow and I need to print my report. But, friends to the rescue.

Day Hundred and Thirty-three

An Cansves Dedh Terdhek warn Ügens
De Lün, pajerdegves mis Me. Mettin pur drosüs ew. Ma cülyek o creia en bargen tir en ogas ha ma payon o carma dhe’y bayes e’n lowarth kentrevek. Et agan shymbla coth ma chôkys o neythy, cravas ha renky. En avalen ma colomednow coos hag en keow ma lies ehen deffrans a edhyn. Me ell clowes mola dhû, mola loos ha rüdhek o càna oll. En neb le ma gòlvadnas ha heckamolas erel. E’n garth ma’n kei o tenjel tabm a günys. Monday, 14th May. It’s a very noisy morning. A cockerel is crowing in a nearby farm and a peacock is calling out to his peahen in a neighbour’s garden. In our old chimney there are jackdaws nesting, scrabbling and cawing. In an apple tree there are wood pigeons and in hedges there are many different types of birds. I can hear a blackbird, a song thrush and a robin all singing. Somewhere there are sparrows and other dickybirds. In the yard the dog is chewing a bit of firewood.